Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online Real Estate Listings Are They Reliable?

Nearly everyone shopping for a home these days looks online either before or after contacting a real estate agent. Not only can you search for a home according to your desired price range, number of bedrooms, garage space and location, but you can see color pictures and in some cases videos, and forward them to your friends.

Does this mean that you no longer need a real estate agent to find a home? Well, not exactly. The online listings contain only the ?broker reciprocity? listings. Some brokers elect to not allow their listings to be displayed on other company web sites.

Besides not being complete, the listings on an individual agents?s or broker?s web site may not be up-to-date. It takes time and programming savvy to download the current listings which are only available to realtors. Some agents may do this daily, while others may settle for weekly or sporadic downloads.

Only a real estate agent is able to access the entire Multiple Listing Service. Your agent may also know of properties that are not yet listed, so you are able to increase your search considerably by working with a licensed real estate agent.

You may also receive quite a bit of additional information on listings that you have already browsed online, by getting the listing sheet from your agent. Most of the online databases list only a fraction of the listing information.

If you are looking for lakeshore real estate for instance, you agent is able to search for listings on a specific lake. If you are an investor, your agent can search for listings based on the length of time they have been on the market. He or she can also save these search parameters and recheck them for you as often as you would like.

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