Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Real Estate Note Partial Purchase: Enjoy a Slice of the 'Profit' Pie!

Want a piece of the ?profit? pie? Then purchase a portion of a note and discover how to achieve a slice of wealth. The private paper industry, also known as the secondary financing market, offers choices and flexibility to give you the freedom to determine whether you prefer to indulge in a ?slice? or the entire ?profit? pie. A portion of a note in the private paper industry is termed ?partial purchase.?

To achieve such wealth, first examine the basics of a note. A note is a written promise to pay the amount stated from the borrower (payor) to the seller (payee). A mortgage deed is a written instrument that generates a lien by utilizing property to secure a debt. A trust deed holds the title to the property in the ?trustee,? often a title company, as security for the loan until the debt is paid off. A cash flow transaction is the purchase of a note in exchange for cash. The note holder will receive a monthly income stream.

To explain in further detail, through a partial purchase the buyer attains a portion of the private mortgage note owned by the seller. The note represents a promise to pay through a course of payments due at a future time. The note offers flexibility since any portion of the note may be bought or sold.

An example of a partial purchase is as follows. Bob holds a note and would like to sell a portion of the note to pay for his child?s tuition. He could sell the note to an investor who would collect the monthly payments for a specific time period and then the note would revert back to Bob, the original note owner, to resume receiving payments. People often sell a note for a variety of reasons. They may need fast cash to pay a tuition, travel to a dream vacation destination, or even to pay a lump sum to the IRS come tax time.

Benefits to Your Investment Include (But Are Not Limited To):

  • Reduced risk
  • Good interest rate
  • Good rate of return
  • Note secured by collateral- the real property
  • Property may continue to appreciate over time

    The ability to buy and sell a portion of a note is a mutually appealing situation. Investing in a partial purchase allows the creation of deals through financial structuring that is in turn beneficial to both parties.

    Maria Fee is a mortgage professional, real estate investor, teacher, and master marketer with more than 20 years of business experience. Maria is the President of REMI KNOX, LLC, a group of investors who purchase real estate notes nationwide. Quoted by the media as an expert, she is continuously recognized for her extraordinary knowledge and real estate investing experience.

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