Monday, November 10, 2008

Real Estate Agents

When one uses the words ?real estate ?it brings to mind a person whose business is selling land or property. To go a step further, it includes buying, selling or leasing of residential homes, apartments and houses, or office premises, retail outlets?. the list goes on. He finds buyers for sellers and vice versa and in order to conduct this line of business must be in possession of the necessary license or licenses. Once he gains the required experience, he can go on to being a real estate broker or a full service agent. A real estate agent must, as a matter of routine, be one who is presentable in attire, attitude and knowledge of his profession.

When a person decides to sell his property through a particular broker, he gets himself listed with them. A contract is then signed under which the broker represents the listed party, though that does not necessarily mean that he gets the power of attorney. The broker?s job is then to effectively advertise for the said property, ensure that people are aware that such a place is up for sale, and show the prospective buyers around. Many times one broker can represent both buyer and seller. The broker must have sound negotiation and financing skills to ensure that everyone concerned is satisfied with the deal.

Most agents earn a commission on their deals and they can make anywhere from

$10,000 and above depending on the size, location and the selling price of the property. Most real estate agents double up as insurance, securities, commodities, financial and travel agents to boost their income.

A good broker would be one who has a keen eye for securing deals, a valid license holder and one who evokes a feeling of trust in the person interested in contracting him for the job.

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