Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tampa Real Estate Market Trend

Tampa is a city that presents variety in the way it offers something for everyone. For sports aficionados, Tampa has professional football, arena football, hockey and baseball teams to go see. For the party lovers, Tampa has Channelside, Seminole Hard Rock and Ybor. With respect to scenery, Tampa offers well kept community parks, beach fronts, and gardens. Entertainment ranges from the sophisticated type found at the Performing Arts Center, to the popular type shown in St. Pete Times Forum, Ford Amphitheater and Tampa Convention Center.

Generally, Tampa Real Estate market has been seeing trends that are consistent with the Real Estate market all over Florida in the last couple of months. There is an inherent shift from a seller to a buyer’s market. The inventory piles up steadily, thereby lowering sale prices. Tampa is clearly presenting a great deal opportunities for real estate investors. As of July 2006, 510 homes have been sold in Tampa at a median price of $245,000, whereas Florida’s overall median price is $257,800. Hence, Tampa Real Estate is still relatively affordable in comparison with other metropolitan areas around Florida. Comparing with 872 homes sold during the same period in the previous year, a marked decrease of 42% is evident in the number of homes closed. By the end of the month a total of 4413 homes were for sale in Tampa Real Estate. This is even less than 15% of the available homes that were sold last month. The Tampa Real Estate area is clearly becoming a buyers market with several opportunities for real estate investors.

Tampa Bay Real Estate has been experiencing this year a significant shift from a “red hot sellers market (1 month inventory)” into a more “normal real estate market (6 month inventory),” effectively posing some great oppportunities for buyers and investors. Tampa Bay Real Estate continues to attract a large number of families and professionals as indicated by the boost in sales price from $225,000 to $243,950. Most of this growth took place during the summer and autumn of 2005. In most areas, the prices stabilized and have even, in some cases, started to decline as compared to the end of 2005.

The number of homes for sale has boosted dramatically over the last few months, The factors the brought about such increase in inventory are investor homes that are flooding the market, home builders offering deep discounts and incentives to keep new home sales moving, and typical summer home sales. Clever buyers look for home sellers who offer buyer incentives. In addition, buyers are making offers that are typically several thousand dollars below the asking price in order to see how willing these sellers are to negotiate. Generally, buyers are being more selective this year than last year because of the relatively greater variety of homes to choose from. The rate at which homes are being listed for sale outpaces the rate of sales approximately 2 to 1.

The next several months are going to be very favorable for buyers because interest rates are still relatively low, and sellers are showing more than usual flexibility in terms of price negotiations on their real estate properties because sales are slowing down. This trend in the Tampa Real Estate market will probably persist for another six months before the market equilibrates again.

By Earl Juanico

Tampa Real Estate

By Earl Juanico -

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