Friday, November 12, 2010

If not Israel, what sovereign nation has legal claim to the West Bank?

Jordan relinquished all claims to the West Bank on July 31, 1988. Who then if not Israel has legal claim to the land?

The Jews had it. Jordan took it. Israel took it back from them and Jordan said I wash my hands.

It is Israel and not a Muslim state and never will be.

It would be nice to see the Palestinians get it sort of in the same way Israel got theres

Israel is evidently not a sovreign nation if there has been much dispute over the Palestinian territories that they want and the illegal and bad acts towards the Palestinians. Israel can move to a deserted island and claim to be a sovreign nation there. I think what is now called israel will either be conquered back or it will return to how it was supposed to be according to the partition plan and I know for sure that the wall will go down.

Seriously? The Palestinians do.

Let's see, It only takes half a brain to figure this one out. The Palestinians of course! Did you think the world started in 1948. Just think years before that year and try to tell me this doesn't make sense?

If Israel wants to claim the west bank and Gaza as their own, as no other sovereign nation has a legal claim to it, then they will have to annex them and give their inhabitants Israeli citizenship. This means an extra 3.9 million Arabs added to Israel's current population, in other words Israel will have Arab majority.

Is that what you want?

the place was far better off with the brits administrating it. unfortunately zionist instigated ww2 left britain broke and bleeding [while american and jewish entrepreneurs profited]. the irgun bombing of king david hotel 1946 and murder of many brit personnel hastened their departure. shame. zio nazis ruined everything and are stained with innocent blood. the hex star is a curse on them. so they bang their heads against jupiter's temple wall.

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