Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are modern Americans serfs tied to the land by banks?


Being tied to land is not as big problem, it is being tied down by credit that makes us serfs. This was intentional too not an accident. When everything we buy is less than it is worth, and then we end up paying twice what it cost due to credit rates, something bad is bound to happen.

No, they can sell the land and pay the banks what they owe, then move. They are not tied to the land, they chose what land they want. Serfs were told what land they used by where they were born.

Modern serfs own the land they are tied to. If they want to leave...they sell the land.

Those who do not learn from the past, are DOOMED to repeat it. History repeats, just the names change. You are wiser than 99% of your fellow man for asking that question.

What freedoms do we really have?

Yes we can vote and worship God

but do we really own anything?

You may own your house free and clear but still are paying taxes

and insurance premiums forever

you own your car..paid cash ..but you still have to buy the license

from the state and buy car insurance

One way or another you are either insurance poor or tax poor

everything you make is minus tax and everything you buy is plus tax

This is why we cannot get ahead~P

We are not free in the fact that we are forced to play by their rules. The banks do rule our lives because they control the money . And they could care less how it affects the Human condition unless it directly affects them.

yes since the banks collateral was non-existent funds given through a practice called fractional reserve banking. Either way nobody owns the land, that belongs to Mother Nature.

Yes, its called debt slavery. Democracy is simply a free range farm, this gives the illusion of freedom.

We do not own the land under our homes, to own the land you would need an allodial title. If you did own your land you would not be paying taxes on it.

We do own our cars, to own the car outright you would need the actual title for it, its called the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. If you actually owned your car you would not be paying License, registration for it.

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