Friday, June 25, 2010

I would like to refinance my loan on land?

I would like to refinance to get more money and also a lower apr since it went down, my question is I have had the loan for 6 months never made a late payment, can I refinance for a couple thousand more and have my payments stay the same?

Also wanted to add my husband to the note to help clean his credit up a little bit, If* that bank for some reason wont could I take out a second note on it?

Land loans are very rare. You would have to go back to your current lender and apply for a refinance. The 6 on-time payments help you a lot. I do not think that you can do a cash-out refinance on your land. That would be almost unheard-of.

I have never heard of a 2nd mortgage on vacant land. It would be legal and possible, tho, so go ahead and apply..

Very hard to get a mortgage on vacant land. Unless the new apr is 2% less than your current it would not be fiscally advantageous to refinance. You cannot get a mortgage for more than 80% of the value

If your husband's credit is bad that will only cause your interest rate to increase. If your current lender will not refinance forget a second note.

No harm no foul in talking with your current lender

Re-think before u apply for a bigger loan.

It should really save you time and money to just to refinance your loan on land.Check out what today's rates are. Also if your credit is not good, a lot of them are more willing to work with you.

What I most often tell friends is that an internet quote at is what I would do.

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