Thursday, June 24, 2010

Should President Obama cut off all aid to Israel until they've dismantled every last settlment in the W. Bank?

Not one penny of financial aid and not one bullet of military aid until they've given back every inch of stolen land and left for good.

Absolutely NOT.

That land BELONGS to Israel and she should not give in to ANY more concessions any more than USA should give Texas and Calif. back to Mexico!

(Well, maybe California would be OK).

How about the USA giving up 10 or 20 of her states up to terrorists that want to annihilate her? It's absurd.


i dont think so, cause it would start a war or something of that nature revolutions or stuff

I think that sounds like a good idea. Israel does need to be brought into compliance with international law.

Although they have no moral obligation to return the captured land from which was used to attack Israel., I suspect they would gift it back when the aggressors have demonstrated they can live peaceably alongside Israel.

Yes. But he won't. The politicians don't run the US, the corporates do and they haven't changed - even with their bail-outs.

We should cut off aid to every one but fellow Americans.

I think Israel should bomb the crap out of Gaza and have it done with. And every other country should stay out of Israels business.

I just heard we spend 10 m. a day on them. I don't anything about this but I think they need to see that the answer to their problem is to move. I suggest they move to the USA (i know we don't want anyone else here) & set up businesses to help us get people back to work & our country functioning. We have so much empty land in this country. We need people with brains & they got it. We need people who are mature & can help all the rednecks redneck republicans who are on welfare to work instead.

yes.he should cut off aid period. now. forget the west bank. let them fight their own wars.

they should just have all aid cut off. theyre big boys (well they sure like to act like they are with their warplanes) so surely they can handle themselves without aid

NO! They do not have to leave their homeland...Your question sounds like you want to turn Israel over to the Palestinians....So, here's a quick History lesson for you...

The Palestinians are NOT descendants of the ancient Philistines. the Palestinians are ARABS . Arabs are descended from Abraham's son Ishmael and also are mixed with Jacob's brother Esau. The land was given to Abraham by Promise from God. The promise was extended to Abraham's son Isaac, Not Ishmael and to Isaac's son Jacob NOT Esau. God changed Jacob's name to Israel . Later after the 2nd destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD Rome named Israel Palestine as a direct insult to the Jews/Israel. There never has been a so called Palestinian people. These people are Arabs mostly Jordanian Arabs. When Israel again became a modern nation in 1948 as per the Hebrew prophets, as written in the Bible, after over 3000 years of continuous Jewish presence in Israel, and mandated by the UN, 8 Muslim Arab nations surrounding Israel attacked . They advised the 600,000 some odd Arabs that were living in Israel to leave because they the Arabs were going to kill every Jew in Israel, then they the Arabs could return and have the whole Enchilada. The Arabs.Muslims lost as they did again 1n 1967 and 1973 when they again, promised , tried , and failed to kill every Jew. The land of Israel was given to the Jews/Isralies for an everlasting possession by God over 3000 years ago. All this garbage you have spoken in just anti semitic propaganda propagated by a willing anti-semitic UN, Liberal Media and the Muslim world . Get a grip on the truth . Every word I have spoken here is the truth , that can be easily checked out by reading a history book . Do it .

And how exactly is it "stolen land"? The settlements in the West Bank are mostly built on empty tracts of land.

One would think that if Obama wanted to promote peace in the region he'd be more concerned about terrorism than a few Jewish settlers.

maybe we in america should get up and leave because of all the land we stole from the native americans. and it is not stolen the U.N gave us part

of that land and gave people from Palestine part of the land but the Palestinians tried to take the land given to us by declaring war but we won and got the land fair and square

oh by the way i didn't answer your question my answer is **** no they should not cut off any type of aid

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