Sunday, December 26, 2010

Am I allowed to make my property secede from the United States?

If I had my own land that the bank didn't own, could I legally make it a whole new country?

Nope. States can secede, but individual property owners cannot as their own entity. The government, under what is known as "eminent domain," can take your land to protect its interest and welfare, if it's for the greater good of the most people.

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hope this helps

I love this question!

Very interesting!

Don't think it would work that way--but nice idea!!

I love the thought!!

No. All land and water within the U.S., and its territories are subject to U.S. laws. You would not even get as much respect as Civil War solders if you resisted. You would be treated as a criminal.

I don't know, but how could you afford to defend your country against enemies? Do you have the money for a small or big army? What if the United States declared war on you? You wouldn't have a prayer. Don't make your property into a country even if you can. You can't afford it.

you could...but i would invade it and get a free house..awesome for me!

Legality has nothing to do with seceding from the US. You just need to be able to successfully defend your new country. Don't expect water and electricity from a US company.

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