Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rural land pond house cattle chickens ducks sheep birds husband?

Is there any Banks out that doe's rural land loans. I'm In Houston TX. My house is payed for. I have my 90 year old Mom at home. This is hard to say but she will not be with me very much longer and I need to start looking for another house when shes gone. When you lose your 92 year old Dad here and your Mom too.It's really hard to stay here. All my Family has left Houston but me and after 54 years I think it's time. I could sell the house and then buy another after shes gone but that means I would have to stay longer............................... .

Check with your local Farm Service Agency (FSA), they have programs for beginning farmers and loan the money through their office. Most banks will give loans on almost any home, the interest is much higher than going through the FSA. Good luck

I could marry you if all else fails!

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