Friday, December 10, 2010

What banks etc loan money purchase land ? Not ready to build another home but great deal on acres of land,?

i do not know of even one. your best bet is to enter into a contract with the seller to put x dollars down and then to pay the mortgage to the seller. you need to learn from your real estate attorney what the differences are between "contract for deed" and "articles of agreement." the more you put down, the more likely you will receive a deed sooner. without the deed, you probably will not be able to obtain a building loan.

My old bank was acquired by Wachovia who promptly did away with lot loans.

Some banks do it on the commercial side. If you own a business you may be able to purchase it via a business loan.

First try the bank where you do most of your banking. If they're not interested, try the smallest bank that's closest to the location of the property. Let them know that you might be interested in discussing construction financing with them in a year or two.

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