Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do you think we can really own land?

Obviously, with money land can be purchased. We can build on it, live on it, and fence it in. However, people and creatures can still enter upon it, and if you default on a payment, the bank will claim it. I hope I'm making sense, but can one person REALLY own land?

It's a transient world and you never really own anything

"You can't own land" is usually the mantra of ideologues who would like to own your land.

As a free and sovereign individual, you own three things: yourself, the products of your labor, and those things you trade for with the products of your labor. When you go to work, you are trading your labor for some agreed-upon units of these things called dollars. You can then take these dollars, and trade them for other things, like food, entertainment, and other commodities. Land is a commodity like any other, and can be bought, sold, and traded. As such, yes, it really can be owned.

Oh and technically, you are only renting your home until such time as you finish paying it off. That's why the bank can take it away from you if you default on payments.

Um this is a funny question since it depends on a lot of things. Definition of control of ownership or reality, of so many things.

Just because a creature enters your land it does not mean you don't own it it would simply mean it is invading it.

Of course what is land? Does it go down to the Earths core? Or is it so many meters under the surface? If I dig under your home and make an underground home there am I still on your land? If it's not then why can you plant crops in your land and still call where they grow land? Are they not rooted under the surface?

What is ownership? Is it money? Control? Words? If you say you own land can I not just come up to you and say "Actually I own this land?" Does producing a deed make it yours?

No it's a system of understanding. I understand it's your land based on a deed I understand to be written legally in truth, for without such system we would have a much harder time than we do know. Imagine a world where anyone could claim anything by words alone..... that would lead to force........ and violence, death... yeah.

Yes ... in the sense that we can make legal decisions regarding our land ... its use, its division or sale ... who can live there, etc.

All the while various levels of government have similar powers, and can also be said to own the land ....

In another sense humans won't be around forever, and then we'll cease to own it ...

It seems absurd to me too. It's like saying you own a star. But I guess we have to have the concept of land ownership so that people can be secure in their homes and farms and such.

it's just a concept which can be interrupted or destroyed by different entities at different times. so it depends on the circumstances. : )

only if your CIVILIZED!!!..

its WRONG!!


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