Saturday, July 3, 2010

Should Israel buy West Bank?

I was just thinking, couldn't the many Jewish billionaires who support Israel make a deal with Jordan to absorb all the Palestinians and give them homes in a richer Jordan whilst purchasing barren West Bank land?

Think about it, Jordan economy is worth 30 billion dollars and has 60% free land, if Israel could offer them ~100 billion dollars to give Palestinians a home, those Palestinians could live in better conditions, Israel could own the land they want and the conflict would practically be over! only Palestinians who feel the land belongs to them would suffer, but wouldn't they rather live outside of a poverty stricken warzone?

Good wish. but a naive. It seems to me you don't know Arabs.

Jews purchased lands in Hebron in 1825 second time.

The first time was in Biblical times.

However Arabs, who say they live in that land for 5000 years, don't acknowledge either purchase. Arabs call Jews who returned to their fathers homes -SETTLERS....

Or take Gaza. Jews bought lands in Gaza in 1930, but Arabs called them settlers too.

Or entire state of Israel. First Arabs sold land and after claim it is theirs...

First of all, the West Bank is far from being considered as "barren land".

Actually, the racist Israelis continue to illegally occupy it because it contains so much water and vegetation, which of course the native Palestinian people do not get.

Secondly, Jordan is not the land where Palestinians came from from. The Palestinian people came from Palestine, which is the land that Israeli stole by force in 1948.

The apartheid state of Israel would never exist today if it wasn't for the massive ethnic cleansing and mass murders of thousands upon thousand of innocent Palestinians who are indeed the native people of the land.

Israel is in clear violation of dozens of UN resolutions and International Laws passed by the World Community, however none of these decisions have ever been enforced.

Israel remains today as the world's last racist apartheid state on the planet. The Palestinian will eventually get all of their land back, but they need the help of the world community.

Transferring the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria is, in theory, a good idea, however, there is a problem with this.

Jordan does not want the Palestinians. In 1970, the PLO terrorist organization, which was very large and established in Jordan at the time, attempted an uprising against King Hussein and the Jordanian Government. The Palestinians were unsuccessful and thousands of them were expelled from Jordan.

After dealing with that, there is no way that Jordan will allow hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of Palestinians to become citizens.

It is obvious you don't know the history of the Jordanian refugees that call themselves Pals.

They were kicked out of Jordan not Israel.

Why should Israel pay for land they hold and own do to war. A war started by Arabs.

There is a huge supply of Muslim countries that could absorb them but they aren't welcomed there anymore than Israeli land.

Land is not what arabs want. Arabs have plenty of land. As beautiful and temping as Israel is, its not because she blooms like a blossom in the desert that makes her so desirable. The last drop of every bit of Jewish blood is the main objective. You could give terrorists all the land and money in the world and it would not be enough for their murderous hearts.

The Promised Land is not for Israel to give away. The Land belongs to God. He calls is "MY LAND". And whilst the land remains His property, He has given it "to Abraham and to his seed forever." The Land belongs to Abraham, and Abraham belongs to God.

Land.... belongs to Abraham&seed.... belongs to God.

As a hypothetical for stimulating debate I think your question is excellent! But I think it would be more interesting to ask shouldn't Europe and and the West who arranged the Jewish colonisation of Palestine, ( as well as Israel and Jordan), pay for the land.

Ha you haven't been reading any history books have you my friend, and by the sounds of your economy knowledge you haven't been watching too much bloomberg either.

for starters jordan doesn't want them,israel does not want palestinian land,what israel wants is peace something that palestinians are not interested in ,

it sounds like a good idea but i am sure many would not be cooperative even if they could live in better conditions.

Israel can not buy israel not to mention Palestine. This land is not for sale. أهل الرباط

buy? dude they invaded the land they are ruling now so why would they buy a land they can invade?

Palestine is not a hot investment.

I suggest Hawaii



I personally wish that they could all just be one united county and they lived in peace among one another. Jews could live there and so could Palestinians. They would have laws to stop discrimination with one another. There would be not borders between them so that means no occupation. Why not? they lived in peace before Zionist took it over.

then they could call it the Israeli/ Palestine, the land of the Jews and Palestinians united.

Edit; Black H, gods chosen people were the Hebrews to give birth to the messiah, but that is all. This means that God love all his people that he created. Be careful for you Future Messiah he may not be the one you thought he was. God love us all and we are all chosen if we choose to believe in God. However you will know that i am a christian, and it is written in the new testament Revelation that you are still his people and you will be saved in the end. i suggest you study what have been taught to not believe to have an open mind.

interesting website you gave, i liked it.

New testament Bible

A land in which the Jews, Muslims and christian live in peace.

1. The Palestinians DON'T WANT TO LEAVE. Period.

2.Jordan doesn't want them. (See tlkr's answer.)

3. Israel doen't really want the West Bank, per se - they want peace.

4. It's illegal for Palestinians to sell land to Jews, punishable by death. (Arab law, NOT israeli law.)

5. The West Bank is too big, and there are too many Arabs - it would cost too much. Plus, they'd have all the negotiating power, becuase Israel'd have to pay them to willfully leave, and they could demand millions of dollars per person.

6. People like living where they've been living their entire life - it's very hard to just get up and go.

7. It's not really a war zone.

8. It is fertile - there's lots of vineyards.

9. Conditions in Jordan may not be all that much better, IDK

10. Yeah, what Jewish billionaires? The US economy has tanked, and Madoff wiped out quite a few wealthy Jews.

@Michelle - When the Arabs stop murdering Jews, then we can talk. 'Til then, it's just a dream. BTW, there are many mixed cities in Israel proper where Jews and Arabs live together in peace and harmony (sorta - at least they tolerate each other.)

The Jews are the Khazars.

God's chosen people are the Hebrew Israelites.