Saturday, July 17, 2010

I want to open a bank account but i have no id due to lack of funds to buy passport?

i have recently landed a well paid job but to be paid i need a bank account which until i get paid i can not buy a passport ? any ideas?

Have you not got your birth certificate ? or marriage certificate if married, a utility bill and maybe you can get someone to write a letter of support, if you know a customer of the bank you want to join.

I know when I was looking to change banks I was told I would need at least 2 forms of I.D plus a letter of recommendation from a current customer of the banks. That bank had a black horse in its well known logo and I told them what they could do with their account. Its worse than trying to get into Fort Knox.

If you have had a bank account in the past then you may find another bank is willing to let you open an account with out the I.D. I was lucky had a savings account with one bank and a joint account with another when the divorce went threw I was able to go to my old bank and they dealt with the transfer etc. and gave me a new current account.

yes, i think this is very unfair, i often wonder about id issues if i chose not to have a passport. i dont know why you should HAVE to buy a passport just to provide id to open a bank account. i would pick thebank of your choice and make a big fuss with the management and then maybe the banking ombudsman, failing that you might just have to get one

I opened a basic bank account online the other week, as a second account.

I didnt need ID.

if you know someone who has an account sign on for a joint account with them then after 6 months you are able to open your own account without documentation

Double check that a passport is all they will accept. as well as making a fuss they may accept a birth certificate, or your utility bills or a tenancy agreement etc... make a fuss or check out other banks which may have a more relaxed attitude. PS do you have a drivers licence? or medical card?

drivers licence?

2 utility bills?

Library card?

Birth certificate ? Drivers licence? NHS Card ?

I opened an account recently and they would accept driving license or passport - which I think is a bit strange as a passport doesn't have an address on it. Speak to the bank - there must be provisions for non drivers and people without passports.

I don't have a passport either and I tried a couple of banks till I found one that just required a couple of forms of ID, one of which had to be a utility bill showing my name and address. Not all banks require a passport as ID.

You can't get a passport without ID anyway. The ID you would need to get a passport can be used to open a bank account. If you just flew into the US, how did you clear Customs without an ID? That is not supposed to be possible. I have half a dozen accounts and NO ONE at the bank knows IF I have a passport.

Do you have a photocard-driving licence, banks will usually accept this as id. Utility bills, mortgage/rental agreement, birth certificate.

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