Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why the palestinians want to make a state in the zones of judea and samaria now they called west bank, there?

there are no palestinians in the history.. where it comes from that name? as I know that name was given by romans for destroying, any jewish past in that land.. if the palestinians are descedent of philitians.. why dont they want gaza only? why do they want samaria and judea? what are the differences between jewish and Palestinians or arabs?.. if palestinians are arabs do they come from arabic peninsula?

Hold it just a minute guys: In the first place lets get history straight. The British "Gave" or ceded the land to the Hebrews and split it with the Palistainians, the Jews didn't "steal" anything. This is where all the trouble starts, people that don't know their history.

Don't blame the Jews, go after the British. Who controlled the land to start with, the British, who ceded the land over to the Jews, the British so, don't blame the Jews for "stealing" the land.

The palistainian Imam was making a deal with Hitler at the time to collect the Jews into one State to slay them all. He would get enough arms and the man power to fight the British for this if he helped Hitler, it fell through with the invasion of Poland and Russia. Hitler didn't have the time right now, and pushed the Imam in the corner.

The Imam went back and the British found out what was going on, pulled all offers away and held back for a year, then cedded the land to the Jews. They then split the lands.

The Palistainains didn't like that of course, They had nothing to start with. They were a nomadic tribe, ahd no cities, no certain place but, now they wanted what they thought was "theirs"

All offers from the Jews to share and have peace have failed, the Plaistainians have always started trouble with the Jews. Who is constantly shooting rockets into the Israeli neighboorhoods? when the Jews fight back, what happens.

Because that's where they lived for thousands of years before the jews stole their land.

The people who lived in Samaria were called Samaritans and they were not jews.

There were people living in Judea long before the jews arrived from Egypt.

The Palestinians were forced from there land by the jews, No One should be able to do this !

They were there first, not the jews, but the jews just take, and give nothing bad, and then wonder why the Palestinians are a little upset.

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