Monday, January 10, 2011

In UK - need advice please on what to do next re proving home / land ownership.?

Hi. I inherited a property recently which had been owned outright since the 70's and am currently awaiting a probate interview.

I remember being told there were deeds in a safe (unfortunately I wasn't really listening properly) but I've been unable to find them or trace them to a bank or solicitors. Land Regisrty hold no records and I have no idea who the mortgage was with.

Now I don't know what I need to do next in order to prove it belongs to me (after probate).

If anyone has any advice or could direct me to a source I'd be really grateful - many thanks

Many properties weren't registered around that time - this area is full of them! You will need to see a Solicitor - you need a Deed of ... grrr can't remember - if you email me, I'll look out the process at work in the morning and mail you back.

Estate Agent!

You must have come across the information about the inheritance from somebody - go back there to get a copy.

If you have a right to the place - call a locksmith and move in!

If anyone challenges you - they will have all the paperwork necessary.

Land registry always hold records - just supply the fee with a copy of the map of the area with your property outlined in red. They will search and find the current legal owner.

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