Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is the West bank barrier simliar to the Berlin wall?

Is Israels West bank barrier similar to the Berlin wall built by the Russians?

Do you think one day many many many decades from now it too will be destroyed by crowds of "free people" and show the world the grizzly inhumanity of Israeli ethnic cleansing?

Ethnic cleansing that was done in the name of religion. Yes many Americans and Westerners may find it hard to believe but Israeli settlers seize land in the West bank because they say their religion told them. You ask anyone of them thats what they will say. That its in their religion to Arab land and make it J-wish!

Because surely history has shown nothing lasts forever, well except for the great wall of china

Not at all, the Berlin wall divided Berlin into 2 sections and was built by Germans, but the West bank wall was built by (invaders) to keep Palestinians suffering and stop them from reaching schools, work places (even hospitals) etc. easily.

Ethnic cleansing? Do you even know what that means?

300 civilian casualties (the rest are cowardly combatants hiding in schools and hospitals), *in a war*, out of 1.5mil in Gaza and even more in the west bank is definitely not ethnic cleansing.

And no, it is not similar to the Berlin wall.

The west bank "barrier" was built in order to protect innocent Israeli civilians from palestinian terrorists who, if they get the chance, would love to blow up inside a kindergarten or a mall.

Gods given land my eye. Since when was God an estate agent ? I have a feeling these Berlin type walls will be coming down sooner rather than later, perhaps with a little help from Richard Goldstone and the Hague

A CIA report says Israel will "cease to exist" within the next 20 years. You're asking about just a barrier ?

lol at first i thought you said the Best ****...nvm

I guess you think you know the answer already....

The Berlin wall was to keep the East Germans IN

The West Bank wall is to keep the terrorists OUT

The Jewish people were chased out of Arab lands. They are not committing any ethnic cleansing. Oh, and the Arabs believe that the whole world belongs to them because Allah told them to make a worldwide caliphate.

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