Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is the best business course that i should take that will help me land a degree in medicine?

i need units in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and social sciences. my dad wants me to take up banking, but i really want to be a doctor... help please...

Office Management. If your going to have your own practice, you should know how to run it! Good Luck!

It depends (I hate answers starting with "it depends") that what you wanna do in Medicine. Whether you wanna be a general practitioner or a researcher. If its general practitioner then it does not make much difference. but if you wanna be a researcher, you may take MARKET RESEARCH. Its kind of technical but has wide applicability. It will give you strong base in statistics which shall be useful in many others

First go to your counselor to talk to her or him about your situation they will know what you need for that field and what the colleges or schools offered.

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